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10 Best Paint By Numbers Kits

Dec 21, 2022

The best way to get into painting by numbers, is simply by looking for a kit that you like, and just getting started.

10 Best Paint By Numbers Kits

If you were to start with an unappealing kit, it’s less likely to hold your interest. And if you are successful in your paint by number endeavours, it would be nice to put the picture up in your home.

We’ve been checking out some of the best paint by number kits you can get online that ship to New Zealand, and we’re going to share our top ten with you, along with our reviews and the links to order them (see also ‘How Paint By Numbers Kits Help With Mental Health‘).

And we’ll quickly go through what to consider when buying a kit.

And without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

What To Consider When Buying A Paint By Numbers Kit

Kids Vs Adults Kits

Kids and adults paint by numbers kits are very different in difficulty. Adult kits generally require better dexterity and the ability to blend colours to great effect. And they tend to be more detailed to boot.

Some kids paint by numbers kits are recommended for particular age groups.

But if you’re an adult, and you want to start with something simple before progressing to a trickier piece, there’s little harm in trying a kit aimed at older kids.

Customer Rating

I always say that a customer rating is an excellent gauge of what a product is like, and that’s the case for paint by numbers kits as much as anything else.

You should look for kits that have a customer rating of at least 4 stars out of 5.

Value For Money

I’ve found that you can often get packs of four paint by number kits for the price of just one. Such a great bargain if you can get that. In fact, I’ve got some coming up now!

Top Tip

When shopping for a paint by number kit online, be sure you don’t accidentally buy a diamond paint by number kit or a digital paint by number kit. They are an entirely different thing and a completely different hobby

10 Best Paint By Numbers Kits

The following paint by number kits all ship to New Zealand. They aren’t listed in any particular order.

1. Ledgebay Paint By Numbers For Adults’: Beginner To Advanced

OMG, isn’t this just beautiful – the way the sun peeks so powerfully from behind the blue clouds as the eagle flies, wings spread over the bountiful landscape.

The kit includes 4 paint brushes and all the acrylic paints you’ll need.

If you decide this isn’t the painting for you, however, Ledgeway has a whopping 31 other kits to choose from on the same web page.

The kit is highly rated by customers and is good value for money.

2. Magicfly Venice And Forest Paint By Numbers Kit For Adults Beginner

With this kit you get not one but two pictures to paint.

It’s aimed at adult beginners, and you can practise your skills on the forest picture before going to task on the Beautiful scene in Venice, Italy, which is so good you should put it up on the wall when you’re finished.

The canvas is pre-printed with easy to read numbers, and you get several brushes of different sizes and all the high coverage acrylic paints you need.

3. Lzways 4 Pack Paint By Numbers For Adults Beginner

What great value for money – you get 4 kits for the price of one!

They’re super pretty, too, all those colourful flowers and interesting backgrounds. Not to mention the light and dark shading to take your paint by numbers skills to the next level (see also ‘How To Paint By Numbers: Light Or Dark Paint First?‘).

The kit includes 3 different brushes in different sizes, and all the acrylic paints you will need. The paints are thick, and they offer high colour reproduction to boot.

4. Tishiron Butterfly And Quote Paint By Numbers Kit For Adults

We knew this paint by numbers kit was going to have a spot on our shortlist when we saw the beautiful, jewel-like colours on these pretty butterflies.

It makes for an excellent picture for a teenage girl’s bedroom because it’s feminine and features the following inspiring quote, “Take time to do what makes your soul happy”.

We think it’s referring to painting by numbers haha!

The kit comes with 3 brushes, a pure cotton canvas, all the paints you need, and even picture mounting accessories.

5. Magicfly Sunset & Sunrise Paint By Numbers For Adults Beginner

10 Best Paint By Numbers Kits

Sunsets and sunrises often make the best pictures. If you’re new to acrylic painting, you might assume they’d be difficult to paint, but with this paint by numbers kit it’s easy.

This is a very comprehensive kit, there are 4 pictures to paint in total, making it excellent value for money, and you get several brushes and all the paints you need.

And there are pre-painted light colours already on the canvas to make the painting easier.

6. Tishiron Kaleidoscope Of Butterflies Paint By Numbers For Adults Beginner

We don’t apologize for including two butterfly pictures in our shortlist – this one is just as beautiful as the other one!

What’s great about this kit is that you’ve got such bright yellows and oranges, which really stand out against all those shades of green and blue.

The kit comes complete with 3 brushes and all the paints you need.  

7. 6 Pack DIY Paint By Numbers For Adults Beginner And Kids

If you like landscape scenes with mountains, forests, and the sun in the distance, then this is the paint by numbers kit for you.

It’s incredible value for money, because you effectively get 6 separate kits for less than $20. And you’d be hard-pressed to pick a favourite.

Everything you need is included in the kit, even down to the hanging hardware!

8. Landscape 4 Pack Paint By Numbers For Adults Beginner

Aren’t these pictures just beautiful – those bright skies, pretty flowers, lakes, beaches and waterfalls.

And despite looking so effective they’re easier to paint than you might imagine, they are aimed at beginners. And again it’s incredible value for money, 4 kits for the price of one.

Each painting comes with its own brushes, paints, and hanging hardware.

9. Lzways Water And Mountains 4 Pack Paint By Numbers For Adults Beginner

These pictures are just magnificent – beautiful, glorious, serene, and sublime. Well worthy of a spot on your wall. We love those mountains and beaches, and how peaceful that lake looks.

You get 4 kits for the price of one (incredible value for money), 4 pieces of canvas, 3 anti-forking brushes, and all the non-fading acrylic paint you need.

10. Offito Elephant Paint By Number For Adults Beginner

We just love this kit – so bright and colourful, with a bold picture of an elephant, complete with pretty, detailed flowers.

It’s good value for money and the canvas comes with light colours already printed on to help you to better see the final picture as you paint. 

The kit includes 3 nylon brushes, a full set of acrylic paints, and hooks and screws for mounting the finished painting on your wall.

Wrap Up

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through my shortlist. I’m pretty sure you’ll have found a kit you’d like to try. Go for it, enjoy!

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