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Benefits of Adult Paint by Numbers

Oct 27, 2021

Paint by numbers are kits that have a canvas with light marking to indicate which areas are supposed to be what color. It’s a very relaxing form of art that most people, who have tried it, enjoy. Some people may try to tell you that it isn’t “real art” or that it “doesn’t count” just because there is a guide. Don’t listen to them. Paint by numbers is for beginners all the way through to expert painters (see also ‘Is Painting By Numbers Easy? (Beginner’s Guide)‘).

Paint My Numbers kits come with numbered paint tubes that ensure the paints stay fresh. It is highly encouraged to wash your paint brushes off in between each color, in order to ensure that the paints don’t mix.

Maintaining good mental health is one of the most important things to leading a healthy and balanced life. It has been proven time and time again that painting in some form or another is a great way to relax. Although there are some people, myself included, that get overwhelmed when trying to start from scratch and paint something without any guidance. That’s where paint by numbers comes in. Paint by numbers helps reduce stress and makes adults feel calmer and even happier.

Paint by numbers can also improve your attention span. By completely focusing on this simple task your brain will be able to focus and maintain concentration for longer and longer periods of time. By doing something simple that you enjoy you will find yourself losing track of time and just enjoying what you are doing.

Sometimes your life can be overwhelming and you feel overstimulated. Lots of the time you are worrying about things that you can’t control at the moment even. Painting by numbers will give you a feeling of accomplishment. Even just something small may help your mind relax.

Paint by Numbers for adults keeps you active especially when you’re bored. With painting, it helps you enhance your coordination, it boosts your memory recollection skills and it sharpens your mind through visualizing and implementing concepts. Handling the paintbrush allows mobility of your hands and fingers which promotes dexterity as well. It also promotes critical thinking too! Nothing’s better than spending your time doing something worthwhile.

Paint by numbers can give you a more positive outlook on life. When doing something that you enjoy, no matter how insignificant it may seem to other people, it brings positivity and enjoyment. Then when you are finished you are able to put up a picture that you have created all on your own, this can remind you to always look at the positive side of things.

It can also help you with personal growth. Sometimes you can feel a little stuck in life. Whether it’s because you are waiting for something or because you just feel like you are going through the motions, this can be extremely frustrating. When painting it can help with some self discovery and growth. Which in turn will improve your overall mood and lookout on life. Let your emotions run through the paintbrush as you use it. This way if you are feeling down or frustrated it will run onto the page and out of your body.

Another big upside to paint by numbers is that your motor skills may improve after painting for some time. Fine motor skills are the skills that involve the coordination of small muscles, such as that of fingers and joints, usually in synchronization with the eyes. These muscles help one to exhibit their dexterity in the manual tasks done in daily life. The process of painting within fine lines and with precision and concentration can help fine tune the small coordination muscles in your hands and fingers.

Painting is also a great way to improve your cognitive function. Cognitive functioning is a term referring to a human’s ability to exhibit mental functions such as thinking, remembering, rationalizing, hypothesizing, reasoning, problem-solving etc. Cognitive functions can be enhanced through multiple different activities that involve complex or intricate processes, or processes that have a meditative touch to it. Such processes catalyze the brain and help one’s brain to be used to its capacity as much as possible. One such process can be done as easily as possible, and it involves painting with numbers. Yes, Paint by numbers is a great crafts project that can help you to enhance your cognitive function. By working closely with paints and canvases, blending colors, correcting mistakes if made etc., one can use Paint-by-Numbers as a process to enhance one’s cognitive functions.

Paint by numbers is a simple, yet extremely beneficial crafts form due to multiple reasons as mentioned above. However, one very noteworthy aspect of Paint by numbers is its quality of being a meditative craft. The meditative aspect comes as a result of the methodical process of Paint-by-Numbers, which requires one to carefully take paint on their paintbrush and apply it to the canvas, blending it in perfectly to create beautiful hues. The process is slow, rhythmic and thus meditative, helping one to get the peace of their mind that crafts hobby is supposed to give. To quote Bob Ross, all you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind—Best Paint by Number provides you with the basic materials, the guide (but of course you know the instructions very well!) and the artistic freedom.

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